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Impaired Breathing

Do you suffer from an unresolved medical condition? Do you wake up feeling exhausted or lack energy during the day? Breathing disorders can not only affect your daily life and how you function, but they can also impact your overall health. Dr. Mahn and our team offer several custom-tailored therapies to help you get your life back.

Anxiety/ Depression

Even if you are sleeping, with an impaired airway you may not be getting the full benefits of sleep. Lack of REM sleep has been linked to anxiety, depression and memory loss.

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High Blood Pressure

Mouth breathing is highly detrimental to your health. One of the benefits of nasal breathing is the production of Nitric Oxide. NO2 relaxes and dilates blood vessels resulting in lowering your blood pressure.

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Poor Sleep

Even a slightly compromised airway results in fragmented sleep prevents us from obtaining the full benefits of a good nights rest.

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Headaches / Jaw Pain

Previously thought to be a bite issue, it has now been shown that grinding and clenching is the bodies attempt to keep the airway open. The result? A sore jaw, headaches and worn & broken teeth!

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If you wake up feeling exhausted or can’t make it through the day without a trip to Starbucks it could be the result of fragmented sleep caused by an impaired airway.

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Body Pain

Just 3 nights of disturbed sleep has been shown to simulate the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. The deep sleep we require in the early part of the sleep cycle is critical on our bodies ability to properly heal and regenerate.

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Loss of Libido

In addition to the reduction of the production of nitric oxide (the active ingredient in Viagra), improper sleep also results in the lower production of testosterone.

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Our Solution to Airway Disorders

Dr. Mahn’s goal is to address the root cause of each of his patient’s disorders instead of just addressing surface-level symptoms. This allows our team to provide patients with a better overall quality of life.

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TMJ / Airway Doctor

Dr. Ingo

Dr. Ingo Mahn has been providing personalized treatment for breathing disorders, sleeping conditions, and TMJ dysfunction for years. He studied at Spear Education Center and is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He also has experience in the use epigenetic appliances designed to expand your airway to its fullest potential. His goal is to help his patients find lasting relief from their conditions instead of treating them just to minimize their symptoms, and he enjoys educating his patients.

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Ingo Mahn, DDS, AIAOMT

Patients We’ve Helped Overcome TMJ / Airway Problems

“Wow After the laser I can breathe through my nose today with my mouth closed. I haven’t been able to do that in years. I’m over the moon with happiness!”

Tina F., Phoenix, AZ

“Dr. Ingo along with his team were outstanding! They were kind, knowledgeable, caring and made you feel comfortable.”

April G., Phoenix, AZ

“Dr. Mahn and the Staff are absolutely wonderful. They took the time to actually Listen to my concerns and thoroughly explain their findings as well as my options.”

Lin H., Phoenix, AZ

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